The One Thing You Need To Change “MINDSET”

30:28 · 2019

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Forget About Fashion, Develop Your Signature Style!
The One Thing You Need To Change “MINDSET”

Discover Your Signature Style And Stamp!

Tuesday, May 14, 2019, @ 7 PM EST

Where do you begin with fashion? How do you develop a sense of style? Tonight we talk about the oh so many ways and means that you have and how you can develop a sense of style from scratch. Using fashion when you have the desire to make it a signature style can be like being left in a foreign country not knowing how to speak the language. It can appear as if everyone else instinctively knows how to put together outfits. Outfits that look great and it appears they are able too to find clothes that they like. ( and you can't? So you think ) Well, my friend, it is not something that you have to be born with and it can be a skill that you learn like any other skill. Yes, it will take a bit of practice and you need to have fun and enjoy the process. Drop by tonight and let's talk about how you can do it. We promise that you'll leave with valuable information. We love seeing you so do join us, and we can't wait until then see you soon.


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