027: How trauma shows up in the body and spirit

19:44 · 2019

In this episode, Mary Beth discusses:
• The effects of trauma on the spirit and physical body.
• How to identify when you or someone you care about may have experienced something traumatic.
• Several ways to keep you present and grounded after a traumatic event.
• What to expect during the healing process.

Key Takeaways:
• Trauma affects everyone differently and everyone's process of healing is different as well
• Experiencing trauma could result in a constant state of fight or flight, your spirit no longer being grounded in your body, and adrenal fatigue.
• There are ways to ground yourself and feel safe within any moment.
• Although loved ones flock to us in times of grief most of us need time to ourselves to truly process loss.
• Whatever feelings you are having are valid. Trust the process and be patient as you begin to heal.

"We have to have that willingness to let go of the past. A desire to heal." — Mary Beth Vanderlinden

Connect with Mary Beth:

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