Josh VS Joshua Episode 1

55:38 · 2019

Josh VS Joshua 5-31-2019

We are LIVE from Josh VS Joshua page on Facebook, and being broadcast worldwide on the Binge networks on Apple TV, Amazon FIre, ROKU and all of your favorite podcast networks!

On today's show......

A Powerful Devotional
The News???/
and more...

Episode 1, here we go!

Josh VS Joshua is a show about the multiple personalities, interest, egos, and passions that wage war inside of the host each day. Who will host each episode, Josh or Joshua? Tune in to find out...

Joshua Berglan aka The World’s Mayor is a Brand Designer, Master Connector and Emcee.....

To contact Joshua Go to the contact page or call him directly at 619-394-6725.

Thank you and God Bless!


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