What is Scalar Light? ~ Show 1

07:40 · 2019

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You Will Gain Awareness About ~
~ Scalar Light as a different Dimension
~ Zero-point energy
~ The sun creating an infinite supply of energy and what it could mean to you.

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“I’ve spent decades searching, praying, and finally discovering a new and unique way of being seen in the world. My mission is to help you establish a global presence with this epic experience to be seen and known for improving lives. Now is the time for transformational leaders, heart-centered entrepreneurs, changemakers, teachers of higher consciousness to own the airwaves. If this is what you are looking or asking for, I invite you to share your unique message in changing the world!” ~ Susan Shatzer

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As the executive producer and host of the global TV series Unlocking Your Limitless Life with Susan Shatzer. Susan shares personal life experiences with vulnerability, compassion, transparency, strength and fearless resolve. Her guests are lightworkers, transformational specialists, authors, higher consciousness facilitators just to name a few. She’s a 11-time #1 International Bestselling Author and known as a Consciousness Revolutionary. Her on-camera talent adds inspiration, motivation, and the keys to unlocking a different possibility in your life. Her target is to help you let go of your past, step into your happiness in the present, and gain control of your future!
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