How High Performance is Created At The Most Successful Sports Franchise In The World with Dana Cava

56:29 · 2019

In this episode, we discuss the truth about championship performance. Nobody becomes a champion by accident. We uncover the counter-intuitive reality that being a champion isn’t about doing more, it’s about doing less. We expose the reality that most people spend too much time planning and not enough time acting and share the specific habits and routines that you can use to model your behavior after champions with our guest Dana Cavalea.
Dana Cavalea is a high-level performance coach, speaker, and author. He coaches Pro Athletes, Entrepreneurs, and Business Executives on lifestyle strategies to improve daily performance and outcomes. He is the former Director of Performance for the New York Yankees, whom he led to a World Series Championship in 2009. In his first book, Habits of a Champion, he shares his own secrets to becoming a champion.
• Nobody becomes a champion by accident.
• When you study high-level performers and world champions - what habits and abilities make them different from everybody else?
• Champions are extremely consistent and extremely persistent 
• It takes a lot of work to become a champion - but there are commonalities 
• What makes people champions - a deep focus on the simple fundamentals and the basics. 
• It’s not about quick fixes, it’s not about “hacks” and short cuts - it's about really executing the basics and the fundamentals. 
• Step one for champions - MASTERY OF MINDSET
• Self-awareness is another cornerstone of championship performance
• What is the mindset of a champion? What are the common mindsets of champions?
• How do we learn from and emulate and ultimately create a championship mindset for ourselves?
• What can Derek Jeter teach us about the psychology and mindset of champions?
• Baseball is a sport that is “built around failure” and what that can teach us about the psychology of performance?
• Reframe negative moments into positive moments
• It’s about training your mind to see things in a certain way 
• Focusing on externals - focusing on others and what they are doing won’t get you to where you want to go 
• Championship performance is not about doing more, it’s about doing LESS
• No two people should have the same daily routine - we are all at different places in our journey, we have different strengths, different needs, etc 
• How do you go about crafting your own daily routine?
• Dana recommends starting with your health as the basis of your daily routine 
• The best place to begin changing your mindset is to start with the physical body - activating the body, hydrating the body, taking care of your body 
• What is your vision for yourself? What are you trying to build? What are you trying to create?
• How important is consistency to world-class performance?
• You can’t be consistent at everything. You have to keep it simple. Keep it small. Keep it very focused. If you have too many things, you won’t be consistent. 
• Identify what is interrupting your ability to be consistent. Identify things that are draining your energy away. 
• Environments can impact your feeling - it’s important to create environments that enable you to focus on rest and recovery. Create a transition between work and home 
• Homework: Ask yourself if you’re ready to take action and commit to what it is you say you want. Ask yourself - are you willing to do the work?
• Homework: Start with the basics - hydration and mindset. Built consistency slowly with small habits.


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