45: An American Academy of Pediatrics Trainer Talks About Her Passion and General Underpinnings of

52:45 · 2019

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“But I would say a lot of intuitive knowing; a lot of deep knowing has sort of been lost. And so it's helpful to remember and to plug back into how we came into being and what is really embedded in our sequence. Because from there are the tools for healing.”



Karen Strange is a Certified Professional Midwife and an instructor at the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). Basically, her job is to educate midwifes about the latest techniques in birthing children. She also founded a workshop on neonatal resuscitation. But, why would there be an instructor for neonatal resuscitation in a podcast for families with addiction? Well, let our guest tell you the secret around your birth.


To know how to proceed, one must know where he came from. Karen’s words above give a glimpse of why this topic is essential. An individual’s personality is shaped as soon as we breathe life. Learn how one’s conception and birth has a bearing on one’s predisposition to addiction. And even if many unplanned events happened around this time where we didn’t have control, find out how ‘repair’ can still be done in order to attain this elusive healing. Today’s episode will bring you back to your memory that only your infant self can remember.


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04:59 An instructor for Neonatal Resuscitation in a Family with Addiction Podcast

10:53 How the Mother’s Emotional World Shapes Personality

17:33 Two Layers of Support- Essential for Healthy Neonatal Development

22:59 Our Implicit Memory

27:30 Repair of the Unplannned

30:33 The Birth Sequence

37:29 The Pacing Where Healing Occurs

46:20 Aware of How We Are In the Inside

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