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Tips on how to delegate to improve your bottom line with Tim Francis

• I didn’t know how to delegate and I didn’t know how to lead and manage. What I discovered after my first failure with an assistant was that at least 50% of the problem was not with the assistant, but was with me.
• At the very top, which is what the surgeon focuses on and what I encourage entrepreneurs to focus on, is strategy, high-level skill, and high-level access.
• Everything below that we draw a delegation line and everything below that should be done by everyone else.
• Sooner or later there is going to be those rinse, wash, and repeat tasks that come up. They seem innocuous, but they really add up.
• The number one of the big six concerns when it comes to hiring an assistant was actually, I don’t know how to trust and let go of control.
• I mean I am super passionate about a few things. One of which is actually our dinner parties.
• A horrible idea is going on Facebook and posting up, “Hey, who knows someone?” That’s bad advice number one. Bad advice number two is hiring the first person that you meet, irrespective of how you find them.
• I actually think it’s a great idea to go overseas if you are going to be delegating work that happens every week or every month and is a simple task that doesn’t require a lot of decision making.
• But, to have someone with those three attributes, the culture, time zone, and language, you immediately solve at least 40% of the misunderstandings, maybe 50% of the misunderstandings that are happening.
• I think the other thing that people don’t realize is how affordable it can be.

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I didn’t know how to delegate. What I discovered was that at least 50% of the problem was not with the assistant, but was with me.

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Doug:Hey welcome back another episode of Real Marketing Real Fast. Today in the studio I’ve got joining me, Tim Francis. Now Tim is a fellow Canadian, but he’s also an NYU guest lecturer, certified Scrum Product Owner and lecturer at the University of Alberta. He’s an award-winning entrepreneur and the founder of Profit and the He’s a graduate of the University of Alberta and in 2010, 2011 Tim was blindsided and he had a rare illness that left him unable to walk for three months. He nearly went bankrupt as a result of this, and he was re-forced to restart his business, and at that point, he promised himself that he’d never be a burnt out entrepreneur again. So I had a great conversation with Tim and we talked about why more entrepreneurs don’t have assistants. I think you’re really going to enjoy this episode. You’re going to want to make sure that you stick around to the very end as Tim rolls out and shares with you how he got his humble start and the challenges that he had to overcome to build his business to be successful and what it is today.

Doug:So I’d like to welcome Tim Francis to the Real Marketing Real Podcast today. Hey Tim, super-excited to have you to join me as part of the Real Marketing Real Fast Podcast today, so welcome to the show.

Tim:Thanks for having me, Doug.

Doug:So we start talking a little bit before we started recording and I asked y

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