Attract & Wow Your Clients with Darin Adams

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Attract & Wow Your Clients with Darin Adams

58:03 · 2019

Episode 451

Scott: As always I’m excited to be with you. I’m jacked up to have my friend, Darin Adams, joining us all the way from Salt Lake City.

Darin: Yeah, that’s where I am.

Scott: I’ve known Darin for a while. He’s an amazing guy. You may recognize him if you’re out in the Salt Lake area. He is a previous TV host out that neck of the woods. Darin is an amazing business development individual for one of the programs we use on a daily basis to help us in our note business, in helping us in marketing, helping us raise capital and in helping us move assets out there. It’s helped us wow our clients. It’s Infusionsoft. Does that go by another name now, Darin?

Darin: The company switched names and is now known as Keap. Infusionsoft is a big and robust, heavy-lifting tool. It can do amazing things. It can do all stuff but sometimes people don’t need all of that heavy-lifting and they said, “Let’s go through and find out the things that most people use the most to help build their business and automate and grow.” They went through and they picked out their best things like the Landing Page Builder, the Campaign Builder, the CRM and these different things and they repackaged them together in a prettier and easier-to-use interface. That is an amazing product and they said, “We have to come up with a name for this. We’re going to call this Keap. It helps you keep organized, keep all your contacts, keep moving, keep growing and keep serving, this whole dedication to being an entrepreneur. This is the product that’s going to be able to help millions of people, more people than we’ll be able to be helped by Infusionsoft. We should call our company Keap because it matches this new, simpler and easy-to-use product.” The company is called Keap. The simple product is called Keap but the product that you use Scott and other people use is still called Infusionsoft and it is Infusionsoft by Keap.

Scott: You run around and fly across the country. You are a big ambassador for entrepreneurs out there. We originally met at a Magnify Your Wealth a few years ago with Aaron Young. It’s different for both of us. He’s on here on a regular basis and Laughlin Associates is a sponsor of the podcast. Our audience out there is made up of a ton of real estate entrepreneurs, people looking to get started. Our radio shows are across sixteen different channels across the country with about a million listeners each month. There are a lot of people that struggle, a lot of entrepreneurs that struggle when they get rocking and rolling in their business and you deal with that on a daily basis from talking to people.

Darin: I love what entrepreneurs do. It is such a struggle and a challenge. Any of us know what that’s like. We have this calling, we know we can do something and we know we can be successful. We want to make more money, have more free time, do whatever it is and then you get in and it can be a lonely road. Oftentimes, if you’re a solopreneur, you’re all there by yourself or you don’t know where to go and there’s no one to turn to do that. We at Infusionsoft, part of our goal are to help entrepreneurs and help small businesses succeed. What we try to do is take some of those tasks off the plate of the person. We allow you to do it through automation, setting them up once so they run and it allows you to have more free time, a little more breathing room and be able to do the stuff that only you can do if we can do some of that through automa


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