Educating Yourself on Protecting Your Child and Others Like Them

22:52 · 2019

There are few crimes that are more vile and disgusting than the sexual exploitation and abuse of children and youth. These are terrible crimes which make innocent children victims who are forced to grow up with the scars of their mistreatment, but some resources exist to protect these young victims and prevent others from similar incidents. In this episode of Stop My Crisis, Vivian Gaspar invites Jenifer Gerae, a member of the FullCircle40 Organization. This organization seeks to protect any child or youth from sexual mistreatment through the methods of educating communities and providing support programs which embody aspects such as empowerment and mental health access. This organization's strategy includes protecting through awareness and education, preventing through education, collaborating through partnerships and alliances, and eradicating abuse through enforcement. Our children are our future, and they should be kept healthy and safe at all costs. Join us in the conversation on how you can protect your child and ensure others get the support they need.

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