Learning To Strategize and Maximize Your Tax Returns!

23:47 · 2019

In this episode of Stop My Crisis, Vivian talks with economic expert Kendal Ludden, and how one can get the most out of their 2018 tax refund. Mr. Ludden has a significant history in the financial field as he was an IRS employee, along with being the owner of the Jackson Hewitt franchise. In this episode, he discusses with Vivian how anyone can strategically plan out their taxes to get the most back from them. Learn the latest and cutting edge economic strategies straight from an expert in the field as he shares his knowledge and ideas on the topic. This episode is imperative to watch for anyone who desires the ease and access of their taxes while also making the most out of the hard work they do every day. Your taxes are essential, so why not learn more about getting the most out of them in this fruitful discussion with Mr. Ludden and Vivian Gaspar.

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