The Method on Getting Disability Claims Approved

22:10 · 2019

You are a professional who has paid your disability premiums faithfully each month to protect your family. Most first-time claim applications are denied! Unfortunately, everyone who has a policy or is considering obtaining a disability insurance policy must learn how to navigate the insurance company's system BEFORE you need to file a claim to ensure that when an emergency strikes you are much more likely to get approved the first time you register.

"Stop My Crisis" is a show in which host Vivian Gaspar interviews local experts to bring knowledge to help viewers with coping with a variety of today's everyday hardships. In this episode, our guest, Nancy Cavey, an attorney from Tampa, Florida, who specializes in getting previously denied disability claims approved would share vital information every professional who has or is looking to buy disability insurance must know. Ms. Cavey has been helping her clients successfully navigate the complex system the disability insurance companies have put into place, to not only get previously denied claims approved but also how to buy the most advantageous policy in the beginning or to make changes to your system before you need to file a claim.

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