Maintaining Conduct in the Workplace

23:45 · 2019

There are two vitally essential topics in this episode of Stop My Crisis. The first discussion entails sexual harassment in the workplace. This particular theme is, unfortunately, very commonplace in the world of work. For anyone unfortunate enough to experience this awful occurrence at their place fo work, Vivian Gaspar has invited Joseph R. Morano to discuss ways to decrease the amount of sexual harassment in the American workplace. As a Title IX Coordinator, Mr. Morano gives explicit and important instruction on what can be done to make the workplace safer for everyone. If you are looking for a clean job where everyone can work together in harmony, this discussion is worthy of your attention. The next discussion of this episode is with Business Credit Expert SE Day. Mr. Day joins Vivian in a conversation regarding how the importance of business credit for business owners, and how it can genuinely affect the establishments they have built up. This episode is vital for budding business owners who are trying to manage their business credit, and they will learn a lot from this particular discussion.

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