Secrets to Getting Accepted into a Physician's Assistant School

22:33 · 2019

Today's society is full of competition, especially in the world of jobs and careers. People are always finding ways of trying to succeed in their dream job while also trying to make sure said job is capable of supporting them financially. When one thinks of a prestigious career that pays well, one of the tasks that come to mind is a career as an MD, but what is important to realize is that there are other options as well. In this episode of Beyond My Crisis, Vivian and Ron invite John Philip Festa, a Physician Assistant and founder of the Excell Education Enterprises, Pre-Physician Assistant Clerkship Program. Together, our hosts and Festa piece together an informative discussion about what it is like to be a Physician Assistant, discussing the valuable experience one can attain with the position along with the promising income. What is also considered is the increased chance of getting accepted into PA programs that are possible with experiences in this field. For any viewers intrigued in getting involved in the medical field looking for a successful route, this episode is worth your time.

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