How to Keep Your Marriage Alive

23:49 · 2019

Marriage is one of the most beautiful things in life, defined by the bonding of two hearts that love each other deeply. However, sometimes, that flame can burn out over time, and it can have the unfortunate result of a divorce between both partners. Going through a divorce or any separation with a spouse or loved one is always tricky and heartwrenching. In this exciting episode of Beyond My Crisis, Vivian and Ron invite marriage experts Jim Cullum and Merry McNutt to discuss the keys to a happy married life. This discussion will give you tips on how to prevent unfortunate scenarios such as loss of passion or splitting apart, and they will lead you onto a brighter path. Jim Cullum has written various books about marriage, and thus, has extensive knowledge and experience with discussing how to make your marriage enjoyable. With the assistance of the similarly experienced Merry McNutt, this episode will provide you with everything you need to know to live that happily ever after you so rightfully deserve with your loved one.

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