How to Help Your Child Deal With Domestic Abuse

23:53 · 2019

Domestic abuse and conflicts are some of the most horrific crises that are unfortunate enough to plague American society. It tears families apart and creates many victims, with some of those victims being children. A child that grows up in a house full of domestic conflicts, fighting, and violence tends to develop in a way that is detrimental to their health. According to some studies, their brains grow to more resemble that of a combat veteran than an average child. In this heavy episode of Beyond My Crisis, Vivian and Ron invite Marisa Spagnoletti and Karen Carbonello to talk about tips on how to speak with child victims and offer them the support they desperately need. Children are innocent, and it is essential to their health and development that they are taken away from toxic and abusive environments and given support. If you know someone who has children and are going through domestic disputes and conflicts, this episode will provide you with the tools you require to make sure those children can get the help they need.

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