Performing Notes with Desi Arnaz

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Performing Notes with Desi Arnaz

49:41 · 2019

Episode 476

Scott: I’m excited to be here, but even more excited to have somebody on as a guest on this episode of the show that you’re going to love hearing from. We have a special guest, somebody that’s been a friend for a few years now. It goes back to my time of teaching in California when I was traveling across the country. A guy who has got a diverse background but came in, saw something and changed up what his focus was on with his background. I don’t want to take any of his thunder because he’s got a great story, but we’re honored to have our buddy Desi Arnaz joining us from San Diego, California. What’s going on, Desi?

Desi: Everything’s going pretty cool out here in California.

Scott: Why don’t you share a little bit about your background? You’ve got years of experience as a realtor out there. Why don’t you share your real estate/entrepreneurial journey?

Desi: I got my real estate license in 1980. I got my broker’s license at that time too. I owned a Century 21 franchise and I started flipping houses and investing in real estate. That’s pretty much what I did until I met you. I was either flipping houses or investing in real estate as a landlord or I also owned a couple of mortgage companies through my career. In 2013, I remember it was on the 4th of July. I was up early surfing the internet, waiting for my wife to wake up because we were going to go to the beach that day and I found you on the internet. I was like, “What is this?” You were talking about buying paper and investing in mortgages. Even though I had a bunch of real estates, I didn’t own any paper and I didn’t know anybody that did. I started delving into what you do and then it turned out you were going to be coming that next month to San Diego. I said, “That’s cool. That works for me.” I signed up for your weekend course, went there and my mind was blown. I said, “Look at this young guy, he’s out here doing it.” You made a pretty sweet offer for me, which I took advantage of.

Scott: One of the things I used to do as well too is I offered up, “If you come to one of my workshops and you do a deal within 90 days of the last day of the class, I’ll refund back your tuition,” because it was a great way. Desi did that. He went out and landed a deal in 90 days and sent me an email. He said, “I closed on a deal.” I was like, “I’m glad to refund that money back. It’s a great testimonial for my teaching.” I had stopped doing that because many people were closing deals. I was like, “I’m not making any money in my class.”

Desi: I felt bad that you weren’t making any money. To top it off, you flew from Texas to California to refund me my money. I had no expectation of that. I thought, first of all, I wouldn’t even get my money back and I didn’t care because I had done well on about six notes. I have done well on that trade, but you did it. I’ve been telling people about you ever since. I went on to do a little bit of getting out of my assets. By February of 2016, I sold the last of my rental properties, which was someplace in Georgia. I’m all paper. I wanted to save my retirement because I switched from nonperforming to performing.

I wanted to cashflow at my age. I’m collecting the cashflow and enjoying life, traveling a lot with my wife. My youngest daughter came to me and said she wanted to learn to do what we do. She had worked for me when I owned a mortgage company, but she quit when she was a teenager and said she wanted to get a real jo


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