The Matter of the Heart - Noelle Agape - Quantum Healing

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The Matter of the Heart - Noelle Agape - Quantum Healing

28:57 · 2019

What is quantum and what do we mean by the word "healing"? Have you ever connected to your inner child and how can it benefit your mind, body, and spirit? How are your genes affected by stress and what does stress do to your immune system? How does your conscious or unconscious mind play into this? Listen to Noelle Agape of the television show Infinite Wellness. Noelle has been a counselor for 17 years with the focus on health and wellness. She has also had 12 years of formal education and training in psychology, energy healing, neuro linguistic programming, yoga and quantum physics. Noelle's emphasis with her clients is the Mastering of ones ego, Mastering ones energy, Mastering ones body, Mastering and Mastering ones souls purpose!


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