Big Cat Briefing Sept 3

01:15 · 2019

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Today was special because we celebrated Mac cougar’s 22nd birthday. We went Live and gave him a meat cupcake and sang to him. All the volunteers on property came out to enjoy the party.

We also enjoyed the return of Jen R after being away several weeks. She multitasked in pulling vines and picking up sticks as she walked around and got familiar with where all the cats are after recent moves. Matt helped her as well.

Otherwise it was a fairly quiet day with lots of tours which kept the interns busy. Here’s Alec heading out with an afternoon tour.

Thank goodness Alyssa, Mary and Amanda stayed to help with all the clean up of dishes from food prep and 3pm tours.

Rebecca also stayed late to do pm supplements and snacks. Here she is with Running Bear, coaxing him out of his den. - Lynda Licht


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