360 VR Hoover Tiger Eating Rescue Story

03:26 · 2019

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Hoover is a tiger who was owned by Circo Africano, a circus in northwestern Peru

For many years he was forced to perform in circus acts and live and travel in a tiny, barren cage

At circuses, big cats are forced to eat, drink, sleep, defecate, and urinate in the same place

The only relief that many are given from this nearly perpetual confinement is during their brief performances when they are subjected to whippings and roaring crowds

In the wild, young tigers grow up with their mothers, but animals used in circuses are often separated long before they would naturally part, causing emotional distress for both mothers and cubs

Tigers are naturally semi-nocturnal and love the water

There, they are carted around and forced to perform in the daytime and denied access to any kind of watering hole

Circuses easily get away with routine abuse because no government agency monitors training session

Trainers drag big cats by heavy chains around their necks and hit them with sticks

Tigers are innately terrified of fire

Yet, in many circus acts, they are forced to jump through burning hoops.

Tigers will perform tricks like this only once the pain and fear of punishment have surpassed their instinctual fear of fire

Also, more than 250 humans have been injured

These numbers are JUST in the United States and JUST since 1990

Luckily, we could save Hoover

Sadly, Hoover is the sole survivor of between six and 12 tigers

He arrived at ADI’s rescue center frightened, sick and emaciated

But after months of intensive veterinary care, rehabilitation and exercise,

Hoover has recovered and is eager to start the next chapter of his life at Big Cat Rescue

Big Cat Rescue is forever grateful that ADI rescued Hoover

Hoover’s days will now be spent relaxing in the sunshine, lounging up on his platforms and cooling off in Big Cat Rescue’s lake

He will reside in a huge enclosure with lots of trees, foliage, and shade

He will literally be a world away from the abuse he suffered most of his life

Want to learn more about how to help us save these beautiful animals? Visit BigCatRescue.org


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