360 VR Savannah Cat Beacher's Story

2019 | 2:40 | ANIMALS |

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On Beacher the Savannah Cat’s 5th birthday

Beacher's owner gave him the gift of his freedom

Beacher had been purchased as a 7-week old kitten

They held themselves out to be “responsible breeders"

The owner really did her homework first

She researched everything she could find on hybrids and Savannah Cats

Despite Big Cat Rescue informing her that hybrids don't work out
She bought him anyways for $15 000

Spending an additional $10 000 creating a dream environment
Beacher could not be tamed

Covered in scabs from his razor sharp claws and teeth

She had him declawed on all four paws and neutered
... but that didn't work

With tears in her eyes, she brought him to Big Cat Rescue

Giving him what freedom she could

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