3D Big Cat Briefing June 2 2019

01:35 · 2019

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Strap on an Oculus Go for this update! It looks amazing in 3D!

We were a bit lean on volunteers today but as is the norm we all worked hard to get our cats taken care of. Babs, Rich and Barbara Ann cleaned all of the big cat sections and Kristen and Amanda along with interns Tanya and Ashley cleaned the small cat sections. Rich gave the feeding tour and Becky and Mazz gave the keeper tour. A big thank you to Babs and Amanda who went around in front of the 3:00 tours and enriched all of the cats so that our guests would see some cats on this extremely hot day. Barbara Ann and Kristen cleaned up sticks and branches around the property. Cleaning, feeding and operant sign offs were done. The interns cleaned up Thurston & Lovie the Bobcat enclosure. Hoover and Keisha Tiger both ate like champs today. - Sue Messineo

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