3D Big Cat Briefing June 4 2019

2019 | 1:47 | ANIMALS |

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This looks best in a head mounted display like Oculus.

Long hot day today.

Ivermectin went well. MC helped Kathryn dose all the diets first thing

Zucari Serval's whole enclosure was cleaned, had top soil added and was grass seeded thanks to Candy, Bonnie, MC, Megan and the interns

Running Bear Bobcat was seen by Dr Justin, he had 5 bad teeth pulled and is in the recovery hospital overnight

The big hospital was swept and mopped

Operant and enrichment sign offs were done

BethAnn and Cindy gave the cats their PM cicles

Bonnie made blood cicles as we were running low

The work on the kitten cabana was finished today, it was deep cleaned by the interns so it is ready for kittens tomorrow.

Sapphire the white tiger has access to her whole enclosure

Mazz and brook finished food prep before lunch

Thats it from me! - Lauren Buckingham

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