3D Big Cat Briefing June 5 2019

02:26 · 2019

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You will want to watch this in an Oculus!

Update on the very weak Pebble Bobcat.

Great day today, we got a lot done, despite the heat!

Thank you to Marie, Steph C, Karla, and Brittany for coming in to feed and clean.

Thanks to interns Dylan, Justin, Nisha Elizabeth, Erin P, and Kate for working on Running Bear Bobcat’s enclosure so he could go home, and for sprucing up a rehab cage so it’s ready for new visitors.

Karla and Mazz got food prep done before lunch, lots of cats got sicles today to help cool them off thanks to Marie, and some intern classes/ sign-offs were done.

Despite the wicked afternoon heat interns Justin, Ashley, Dylan, Lexi, Nisha, and Elizabeth worked very hard to get half of Hutch Serval’s cage clean. It’s almost finished!

Thanks everyone for making it an awesome Tuesday! - Erin Carden


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