3D Big Cat Briefing May 25 2019

03:46 · 2019

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Just wanted to give a couple shout outs today. Pam Rodriguez and Amanda Wright kept the gift shop running this morning while I was dealing with sick kittens.

Lisa Spencer-Novak stepped up and started giving sign offs today. Thank you Lisa! This will free up upper level interns for projects and expedite certifications for our level 1's!

It's hot and tour guests are dropping like flies. A huge thank you to Barbara Nicholas and Dylan Lavigne for tending to the REPEATED calls to pick up guests.

You all are awesome and I couldn't have done it without you! - Karma Hurworth

I hope everyone had a great memorial day! Today was very busy and very hot but we had a great turn out of volunteers to help

Mazz and Stephanie got food prep done before lunch

MC , Rosel and Amanda mowed and weedeated the inside of Kali Tiger’s cage

Candy, Barbara, Rosel, Amanda and the interns raked along serval row

Abbey is back for her level 5 internship.
Steph cleaned the recovery hospital. The cage that was in there was cleaned and put away. Abbey went in mid morning and scrubbed the floors.

Operant and enrichment sign offs were done.
Thank you to those that came to help with tours. We sent out 3, 3pm tours in addition to 3 private tours today. With the weather getting hotter please ensure guides keep an eye on guests, we had numerous calls for golf carts, for guests who couldnt handle the heat.

Mazz spent time after tours going through and organising the vox systems. There were alot of voxes on incorrect channels, and two sets that were set to the same channel.

A number of scraper poles were found laying around in big cat sections. We couldnt figure out what they were for, but they were brought up front, cleaned and put away. Cleaners please make sure you are coming back with all of your tools.

Rich, BethAnn and Cindy made sure the cicle cats got their afternoon treats. It was appreciated with the heat

Mike and Rich fixed the water cooler in the leopard lounge. We got 2 new interns today.

We also had a yummy surprise of lunch being provided for all the interns, staff and volunteers. There was a lot of food but left overs mean the interns have lunch for the next few days. Everyone really enjoyed it and it was great to all eat together!

A huge thank you to everyone that came in today for feeding, cleaning, projects, tours and everything else. Thats it from me - Lauren Buckingham


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