3D Big Cat Briefing May 26 2019

2019 | 1:51 | ANIMALS |

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This is one to watch in a VR headset!

It was a very busy day today!

We started the day helping an injured dog found outside of our property. It was taken to the vet for care.

I want to thank Tanya, Maureen, Rich, Barbara, Amanda, Kristen, Candice and Nicole for being a great team and cleaning the sanctuary today in this fun heat!!

Our project today, of cleaning Cyrus and Chaos Caracal's old enclosure to get it ready for our new serval, was completed by the awesome project group of Tanya, Mazz, Barbara, Amanda, Maureen, Nico and Elizabeth. They did a great job and shortly after they finished we moved Illithia Serval into her new home. She will need a few days to get used to her new home.

Big Thank You to all the volunteers that came in today, to help with tours. Also thanks to Maureen and Becky for doing the specialty tours today.

Like all great days, we ended the day with an intern sandwich!!! - Angie Gabor

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