3D Big Cat Briefing May 27 2019

02:34 · 2019

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You will want to wear a VR headset for this one!

Today was just how I like Sundays - peaceful yet productive. My favorite moment was around 1:30pm - all the cleaners were back - no tours were out - most volunteers/interns at lunch. Just a chance to enjoy the quiet beauty of our wonderful sanctuary.

Lots of signoffs today as volunteers and interns continue to learn more skills: Lacy Benton and Brooklynne Dillon got feeding signoff, Megan Myers got a feeding tour guide and an operant signoff, Sarah Copel got her FINAL signoff from Jennifer Ruszczyk for the Keeper tour with Mazz along too (now we have 4 Sunday regulars who can do the tour - YAY!!) and Brooke and Ashley Tait got enrichment signoffs. Lexi Agri continued to get her tour signoffs as well.

It didn't look like tours would be full this morning, but throughout the day it filled up quickly we sent out full tours at each timeslot. Thanks to the interns, Lisa Spencer-Novak, Amanda Wright, Regina Turgeon and Marilyn Halpin for covering them all.

Additionally, Sunday peeps Rebecca Williams, Brittany Mira, Deidra Ritchie were joined by Matt Ruszczyk and visiting long-time volunteer Barbie Zingg for our cleaning crew today.

It was like old times with Stephanie Chaiser and Tanya Chute doing food prep with Kate O'Gorman. Meanwhile Dylan Lavigne did a supply run with Kathryn.

After lunch Mazz led the project of raking in the serval section (starting near Ginger and Hutch) with Matt, Jen, Lacy, Ashley, and Barbie. Many bins of leaves were removed, but there's a lot left to do in that section.

Tours were still kept away from Sapphire the white tiger in Outback as she recovers. I'm happy to say each time I checked on her she was in her den resting. Meanwhile Amanda Tiger was out and looking for gal pal Priya Tigress across the way in vacation rotation and Hoover Tiger was snoozing in his big den (which now has a camera on it).

Thanks to everyone for a great day!! - Lynda Licht


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