6 Keys to Repairing Your Aura When S*** Happens

2020 | 50:58 | SPIRITUALITY |

Did you know that fear, self doubt, and lack of self-love may stem from deep emotional wounds stored in your aura that might not even be your wounds?

Join me for a fascinating conversation with Susanne Wilson as we discuss Susanne's 6 Keys to Repairing Your Aura When S*** Happens. You'll gain steps you can take, today, to be more balanced, brave, and love yourself completely.

As a lifelong clairvoyant and educator of 20+ years, Susanne Wilson can see her client's aura, simply by hearing her client's voice. Susanne has guided many into creating their own personal routines for "auric self care and repair" and, now, she's here to share her top tips with you.


Susanne J. Wilson, MPA, carefreemedium.com Susanne Wilson The Carefree Medium is an intuition expert, teaching medium, author, and an empowering keynote presenter at international conferences. Susanne appears on Coast to Coast A.M., Gaia TV, Travel Channel, Good Morning LaLa Land, Amazon Prime Video in the Life to Afterlife documentary series, Fox News National, Unity Radio, Streaming for the Soul, and CBS Radio.

Susanne is beloved for her mission: she teaches people how to realize their intuitive talents and how to make their own direct connections with their loved ones in spirit, so that they don't need to "go and get a reading."

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