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Tips on how to launch an app or product with Sean Casto

• It’s become easier, cheaper and more effective to create apps now than more ever before and you can build an app and launch it within 24 hours now. And the good news is there is still a lot of potential.
• When it comes to high rates of failure, the biggest thing is it really comes down to getting yourself out there and actually marketing the app effectively.
• The first pillar number one is a grand vision. The reason why we start the pillars with vision is that we’ve seen so many app creators who aimlessly launch their app without a destination or a goal in mind and it’s really the quickest way to fail.
• Going number two is innovation. Innovation is the second essential pillar to building a successful app because without it in this day and age, you are a commodity.
• Pillar number three is all about growth marketing. It’s really all about conveying how your app is both unique and irresistible at the same time.
• Number four is having the right team in place. If you’re looking to create a let’s say, a billion-dollar app it begins with having a billion dollar team.
• And then pillar number five is all about virality, retention and app addiction.
• Pillar number six is all about money mastery. As of 2018, Apple and Google have collectively paid out over 150 billion dollars to App creators specifically.
• The final pillar is measuring success because you can’t improve what you don’t track.

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It’s become easier, and cheaper to create apps. You can build an app and launch it within 24 hours.

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Doug Morneau:Well, welcome back listeners to another episode of Real Marketing Real Fast. Today’s episode’s going to be all about marketing. App marketing to be specific, and our guest is the leading expert on this in the United States of America, they are the number one app marketing company. Before you think hey, I’m not interested in launching or running or selling an app, I just want to share with you that during this particular episode there was a ton of valuable information that we can apply to your general business, general marketing principles as well. I want to introduce my guest today, Sean Casto.

Doug Morneau:He is the founder of a premier app marketing company or agency called PreApps. Sean has helped thousands of apps reach millions of downloads. He’s also the creator of the App Marketing Academy, the world’s best online marketing program. Today, Sean is one of the most in-demand experts on mobile app marketing and reach has expanded to 80 countries across 24 different app categories, where he helps his clients create, launch and market their apps taking each app from zero to millions of downloads and sales.

Doug Morneau:He’s worked with multi-million dollar companies like Flyp, Overkill 2, Gadget flow, and even billion dollar apps like Cheetah’s, Mobile Security Master with over 550 million downloads. Sean has been a guest speaker for Microsoft and Samsung, he’s lectured at universities such as Northern and Harvard, he’s been featured in The Washington Post, USA Today, The Boston Globe, Entrepreneur Magazine, and the Associa

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