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Tips on marketing funnels for professionals from Ben Adkins

• Marketing tactics vary from place to place and industry to industry. There is no “one size fits all” marketing strategy.
• You have to know the time it takes for a funnel and marketing strategy to work. Don’t give up too soon!
• Get as much data as you can
• If you offer something for free, have something that sets up the next sale
• How can we help small businesses without having to charge them these giant chunks of change? It’s systems.
• What is my job as an entrepreneur? It’s to build a megaphone that I can get my message out there, make sales.

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You have to know the time it takes for a funnel and marketing strategy to work. Don’t give up too soon!

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Doug: Well, welcome back listeners to another episode of Real Marketing Real Fast. Today, I have got joining us in the studio, Dr. Ben Atkins. He is a licensed chiropractor, physician and the founder of Closer’s Cafe. Ben grew his chiropractic clinic using Facebook marketing and then went on to help other local businesses do the same with his agency. Ben created the Closer’s Cafe blog and a mastermind to be a resource for those that are looking to build their own Facebook agency. So I’d like to welcome Ben to the Real Marketing podcast today.

Dr. Ben Atkins:  Hey it’s so good to be here, how are you?

Doug: I am excellent, I’m hoping that somewhere through this episode today I can get an adjustment as we go.

Dr. Ben Atkins: I tell you if I can figure that one out the one that I can do over the phone, you and me both we’ll make a million dollars with it, at least, at least right. Surely, so love it.

Doug: So, tell us a bit more about what you’re doing? I mean we had a brief conversation before we started recording and I said to him, “You know what’s your superpower and your passion?” You said your passion is helping small business so why don’t you expand a bit on how you do that.

Dr. Ben Atkins:  Sure. So, When I got started I came out and I was a chiropractor, I’d been to school for years and years and years and came out working for another doctor for a little while and did that for about a year and half to two years. And then I said, “You know what. It’s time for me to strike out on my own.” And so I started my practice. I remember I drove and I picked up a table. I think it was like four or five hours to go buy a table from someone on eBay. Drove it back and so I had something to adjust people on and opened up my doors a couple weeks later and pretty quickly I figured out, “Oh my god. I’m going to have to actually work to get people to come through the door.” Right. So I think that’s the grand realization that all small business owners, it hits them eventually that this is not just going to happen on its own.

Doug: You mean they didn’t flood in as soon as you opened the doors-

Dr. Ben Atkins: No, no. Like the first week, I had one person come to the door and it was my accountant and he was just trying to lock my business in. So, good for him, he was really smart. Because I remember to this day but, so really quickly I was like, “Okay. We’ve got to do something.” Right around

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