America’s Health Care System is DOA with Dr. John J. Duncan

2019 | 57:25 | SPIRITUALITY |

The American health care system is focused on monetary rewards and not on public health and people.

As a result, there is little to no reimbursement for nutritional counseling to foster good health and reverse obesity and tobacco addiction.

There is little to no reimbursement to avert the number #1 killer of American men & women-- heart attacks and expensive surgery. Rather, treatment is often initiated AFTER someone suffers a heart attack.

The US health care system advocates “waiting “ for symptoms all but guaranteeing advanced more difficult to treat and expensive heart disease and cancer, rather than trying to diagnose heart disease and cancer at its earliest point in development and provide preventive treatments designed to stop, slow or reverse life threatening disease BEFORE it’s too late.

Tune-in for an eye-opening conversation on what you can do to not become another casualty of our healthcare system.

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