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In this episode, Deborah dares to ask some of the harder questions when it comes to the world and finances. In this day and age, the financial landscape can be a tough one to navigate, or even predict, and having a little sage advice can go a long way. Mr. Claude Whatley offers such sage advice with a lot of wisdom as well as a good sense of humor.

Understanding what to do, when it comes to money as well as how to do it and when to do it, and having your needs met and exceeded are important aspects to this interview. As well as getting to know Claude and where he comes from as a local Knolensville banker, here in TN. Don't be fooled, however, just because he is a local to Nashville, does not limit his view of the world market, he gives a very well rounded perspective when it comes to how money works, and how money can work for you.

As always An Alternative View looks at every aspect of life and how we live it and what choices we make. Whether it's the music business, see the interview with Jerry Foster, the spiritual side of life, see the interview with Shannon Grace, or how to best work with your money, as in this episode, this show will always work to give you different, positive and different perspectives to uplift your life.

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