2020 | 12:41 | INSPIRATION |

This episode is all about one of the most important but never talked about "relationship" of our lives, that is our relationship to money.

Deborah Bishop, or Rev Deb if you prefer, delves deeper into the genre of relationship in this episode by opening the door to a very important but not discussed conversation about money. Most people have no idea they have any kind of relationship to money or that a relationship to money even exists and yet it does, and it is showing up in their lives in every way possible.

From our bank accounts to our ability to do business, the career paths we choose to the car we drive, our credit card balances, our investments, or our utter disregard for planning for our future, money is the relationship all of this touches upon. The fact that money either is available or unavailable to us tells us a lot about how we feel about money.

Whatever amount of money you allow into your life is a complete reflection of your feelings, and yes, you do have feelings when it comes to money. You may not be aware of it, but there are triggers wired into your consciousness when it comes to the cash flow conversation. Understanding how you feel about money is the first step to allowing more of it in your life.

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