Season 1, Episode 1 | 2020 | 6:58 | INSPIRATION |

Welcome Fact Checkers and Truth Seekers! But (most importantly) welcome to "The Great Awakening", so to speak. But before we begin, let me ask you a question, "What are we awakening exactly? Humanity or an entire different beast altogether?" I am speaking rather cryptically, and I know this all too well. Just follow my lead. Trust me. But as you begin to tune-in to later episodes of this broadcast, you will begin to realize exactly what I mean, in essence. To most, It will be a shocker for you! But for others who have been following me as an intuitive Researcher, (well) this will indeed be confirmation for what we have found altogether as a Universal Community in Rising Consciousness. Regardless, I thank you dearly for becoming a proud supporter of my investigative process as an Informal Remote Viewer (IRV) during these wonderful times of Enlightenment, Spiritual Evolution, and Undeniable Truth! Whether you want to believe that "Q" is a Conspiracy Theory, a so-called Psy-Op, a legitimate Military Operation, or even a Distraction to something even more as we plunge deeper into this Rabbit Hole, you will find that my journey into investigating this phenomena has led me from one spectrum of perspective in support of this movement... to totally another entirely different world of discovery which has led me even deeper to the World of Transhumanism and A.I. - AND (YES) YOU HEARD ME RIGHT - ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE! So, as previously mentioned, welcome to The Great Awakening! - But what are we Awakening? Stay-Tuned and you will find out!!!

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