2020 | 39:32 | INSPIRATION |

This video podcast is essentially a free-for-all platform where just about any topic comes into full view. This talk show will dive deep and dirty into controversial topics of the heart, mind, and soul, and sometimes even BEYOND! Get ready to have your minds blown away or even your hearts taken away as we will challenge you to go way beyond the box! But yet to realize that there are other multiple versions of that box! Parallel Realities, perhaps - WHO KNOWS! Hey, does the Box even exist? You be the judge. Let’s talk, but most importantly, let’s get REAL! In this first episode, Helen and Amaru will, not only be introducing themselves and in talking about what specifically inspires them from within their own work in helping to awaken the masses to what is REAL, but they will also be covering the many future topics that they will be grazing upon as the weeks start to accumulate towards the conclusion of this historic and heart-wrenching year, a very important period of time before the U.S. Presidential Election 2020. Ladies and Gentlemen, you heard it right: IT'S ABOUT TO GET REAL! MORE WILL BE REAVEALED - THE TRUTH WILL SET US FREE!!!

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