Andres Garzon, CEO and Founder, Jobsity, A DotCom Magazine Exclusive Interview

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Andres Garzon, CEO and Founder, Jobsity, A DotCom Magazine Exclusive Interview.
Jobsity began when the founder Andres Garzon moved from Quito, Ecuador to New York City for graduate school. Their student loans, which seemed ample back home, barely covered rent, let alone food and transportation costs. Acting quickly and armed with years of programming experience, he set out to find a job. During the interview process he stumbled upon a business opportunity. U.S. companies had a need for web programmers but when they outsourced work to India and Europe, they ran into quality, time-zone and communication issues. Andres set out to solve this problem. His plan was to recruit developers in the U.S and Latin American, circumventing the time-zone issue. He would work with top talent and pay them well to ensure quality. And he would use his experience in customer service to ensure clients were well taken care of. From the start, the mission of Jobsity has been to find and develop top talent. The name Jobsity, a play on the word University, speaks to the ongoing training and education available to all our employees.

As we have grown (we now have four offices in the U.S and Latin America, and over sixty employees) our drive to recruit, nurture and develop programmers has grown exponentially. Andres recruited his first employee, JP Atiaga from IBM in Ecuador, gambling the remainder of his student loan money, he doubled JP's salary and paid him two months in advance. The bet paid off, the client was happy and Jobsity was formed.

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