Art Basel 2021 Recap

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Xizzle TV’s Kirk Gimenez recaps Art Basel 2021. After a brief Covid Hiatus Art Basel Miami returned in a big way, proving once again that it’s not only the biggest art fair in the USA, but the biggest in all of the Americas. 36 countries were represented, with more than half of those coming from North and South America. Sur Amerca estaba muy bien representada.

Things started with a welcome sign, the size of a skyscraper! Literally! Literal!

The Paramount Miami Worldcenter rolled out the red “digital” carpet with this shining welcome to an estimated 100,000 art enthusiasts converging in Miami for Art Basel and Miami Art Week.

This is the world’s tallest electronic - digital montage of famous paintings! And it lit up the Miami skyline, marking the start of a magical week with L.E.D. mosaics of Andy Warhol’s Marylyn Monroe portrait. The nightly, flickering displays included the droopy eye logo of, David Anasagasti, a celebrated Miami artists known as “A-beep Sniffs Glue.”

That same artist, Mr. Sniffs Glue, is famous for hosting art scavenger hunts on his Instagram account. He rides his bicycle around Miami, finding trash that he turns into art by spray painting or drawing his droopy eye logo on it. He then posts pictures of the art on his Instagram, inviting his followers to find the art, which he then provides a free NFT for. And yes, NFT’s were everywhere during Miami Art Week.

As part of Art Basel, the fans of this Cuban-American artist lined up outside of the Paramount Miami Worldcenter to meet the artist himself who handed out free merchandise with his logo while also providing those NFT’s.

I like to call him, the Robin Hood of the Miami art scene as Mr. Sniffs Glue makes art accessible to the people through his “Geographies of Art” project.

At the center of Art Basel was the Miami Beach Convention Center that was overflowing with not only art, but an amazing atmosphere that can only be described as electric.

And yes, this reporter found a piece of art that truly spoke to him.

See you next year at Art Basel 2022.

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