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2021 | 28:30 | ENTERTAINMENT |

VegasVibes Season 9 Episode 1 hosted by Esmeralda Padilla-Gould proudly features Lance Parvin & Ariel F. Mosses of “The Cultural Arts Training Foundation” and “A Heart For Home Program.” Mr. Parvin and Mr. Mosses are two selfless individuals whose common mission is to serve others and their community using their time, effort and God given talents through their foundation and programs they create.
The Cultural Arts Training Foundation was founded on the idea of using the arts to empower and educate. It’s a 501(c)3 non profit organization created in 2011. The Foundation has several projects that address the needs of our community.
A Heart For Home Program was formed to help teach children and adults alike the benefits of movement and nutrition. It’s goal is to encourage physical wellness and share the fact that exercise, as well as eating healthy directly affects how you feel about yourself. The program introduces simple recipes and shows how exercising can be fun.
Lance Parvin is the founder of “The Cultural Arts Training Foundation” and co-host of “Hope & The Truth Podcast.” Lance has a background in kinesiology and herbal psychopharmacology. He is a certified martial arts instructor, certified fitness instructor and health consultant.
Ariel F. Mosses has over 35 years of Filipino Martial Arts experience. He has trained under the watchful eyes and close supervision of three legendary Grandmasters: Filipino Martial Arts Hall of Fame, the late Grandmaster Conrad A. Manaois, the late Grandmaster Christopher "Topher" Ricketts of Kali Ilustrisimo, and the late Punong Guro Edgar G. Sulite, founder of Lameco Eskrima International. Master Ariel F. Mosses is the President and Chief Instructor for Manaois Systems International and holds an 8th degree black belt in Kali Jukune Do, as well as an 8th level Master Instructor in Manaois Eskrima. He is a certified NRA Nevada CCW instructor, an authorized Senior Instructor in Lameco S.O.G. (Sulite Orehinal Group), an authorized Senior Instructor in Kali Ilustrisimo C.N.R. (Christopher N. Ricketts) and United States authorized representative for Kalis Ilustrisimo Philippines under GM’s Peachie Barong and Arnold Narzo. Master Mosses was enshrined in the Filipino Martial Arts Hall of Fame and is a proud affiliate of Kapisanang Mandirigma or Federation of Warriors.
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