Become A Better Lover Now! Learn The 5 Sex Styles!

2019 | 27:08 | INSPIRATION |

Are you looking to play, explore and expand into juicy, sexy satisfaction in your life?

This Erotic Blueprint™ system is what you need to expand your eroticism immediately. Find out what your unique sex style, or language, is, and discover more about the others, to improve your sex life, radically, now.

Are you wanting more frequency, fun and fulfillment in your erotic life?

Then you need to know that there are 5 different Erotic Personality Types.

Each Type has a different map of arousal, turn on and turn off, which I explain in detail in this class. Discovering these blueprints will pave the way for you to gain sexual superpowers.

Couples that are convinced they are with a “sexually incompatible” partner can reignite desire and erotic passion in their relationships through these lessons.

Erotic explorers looking to expand gain access to pleasures they didn’t even know were possible

Almost everyone who connects with the Blueprints, has incredible epiphanies and expansions.

The Blueprints will awaken you to:

What you truly desire

Why past relationships failed

Why sex may have been so unfulfilling or disconnected

And the possibilities for having epic sexual satisfaction

Erotic Blueprints™ are used to:

Create connection

Turn up the heat

Sustain passion in relationships

You will learn how to play with the Blueprints, and what pitfalls you can avoid.

Because sex is part of being a human animal, we cripple ourselves with an assumption that we should know how to do it, naturally.

Sex is natural, but making love is an art! And the Erotic Blueprints are one of the top Erotic Arts you will want to dive into now!

You can go to this link to take the Erotic Blueprint Quiz to find out your Erotic Blueprints before viewing this class…

And find out about my exciting Erotic Blueprint programs to dive in even deeper to becoming an erotic rock star here…

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