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Learn to boost and direct your sexual energy to create more of what you want to experience in life. Combining Law of Attraction principles with the Art of Sex Magic can be one of the fastest, most pleasurable, and easy ways to change your life for the better. With, or without, a lover.

For this video sex magic is simplified as a ritual created for using your sexual energy to generate and manifest your desire, intention and/or vision.

Sex Magic is different from ordinary solo or partnered sex, because you are using sexual energy, orgasm and altered states, to generate and create something into reality, and/or to expand consciousness. Sex Magic can be used essentially for manifesting anything: for healing, prosperity, a new car or home, more clients, greater success, and/or a partner into your life.

This video provides all the information you need to begin practicing Sex Magic and to create your own rituals with or without a partner.

You will learn tantric and shamanic skills, how to direct and move energy practices, and more!

Become a sexy magician creating through orgasm and pleasure!

Let me guide you in declaring your intentions, creating ritual, and harnessing orgasmic energy, life force and nature to empower your next creation.

You can direct, increase, and use sexual energy to manifest your intentions, goals, and desires. Sex Magic practices will expand your mind, sexual energy, and life.

I invite you to also check out my Sex Magic session offering for a customized session to further your knowledge and experience with this sacred sexual art…

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