Beyond my Crisis with Vivian and Ron: Sharing Your Art With The World

29:48 · 2020

Are you a struggling artist looking to break the mold?

Do you have art that needs to be shared with the world, however, you have no idea where to begin?

Tune in to watch Dr. Maria Schwartz, affectionately known in the art world as Masha, as she discusses ways in which to monetize and promote your artistic works today.

Dr. Schwartz, a gifted artist and talented entrepreneur, discusses ways in which a new artist can create a business from their passion. She highlights the need to break the boundaries that we are forced to function within and explore creative opportunities using new techniques such as painting with music.

The episode journeys through ways to market an artist’s material, find comparable artists for pricing and inform artists on ways to create online components that are crucial for an artist’s business to thrive.

Dr. Schwartz shares her recommendations for artists starting to find their niche and leave their timestamp on the world. She encourages all of us not to go through the motions of life and instead to make your mark, let your inspiration flow freely and reach what she describes as the paranoid state of artistic inspiration. The episode also discusses the entrepreneurial details from naming and signing an artist’s work to offering websites and information about cataloging and digitizing their pieces or series.

Tune in to follow Dr. Schwartz on her artistic pathway to becoming the first living artist who will have her own museum and hearing about her non-profit work in DC to inspire the next generation of artists and entrepreneurs.


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