Big Cat Briefing Aug 10 2019

2019 | 2:30 | ANIMALS |

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Hot day but the daily rain is slowing down. The thin but ever dedicated Saturday crew pulled together and got it all done. Rich gave the feeding tour and Maureen gave the keeper tour. Becky, Amanda and Barbara Ann fed little cats. Maureen, Babs. Rich and I fed the big cats.
Kristin and Amanda cleaned little cat sections with help from Interns Abby and Dylan. Rich, Babs and Barbara Ann cleaned Cougars and the big cat sections. Afton, Becky and I took care of the 2 servals in the hospital and they both ate well and pooped today. Rich trained Barbara Ann on handing out supplements, Amanda helped finish up food prep, Becky took care of the rehab cats and Barbara Ann and Amanda picked up sticks and branches. Babs and Maureen went ahead of the 3 pm tour and handed out cicles and enrichment. It was quite hot today so the cats all enjoyed their cicles. - Sue Messineo

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