Big Cat Briefing Aug 3 2019

01:50 · 2019

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Great Wednesday as usual!

Big cats were fed by myself Sue, Marie, and Fred, and some feeding sign offs got done as well.

Small cat cleaning sign offs were able to get done, as well as some operant and enrichment. It’s great to see volunteers and interns progress through the program!

Thank you Nisha for hammering out food prep, and to Mazz for double checking!

While all that was getting done, Fred Justin, Erin P and Erin A started working on the end outback cages so Amanda can have some more space when she’s home from vacation.
More work was done after lunch and the two sections just need grass seeding.

Sue made the cats very happy after lunch by giving out sicles.

Jennie was our tour guru as usual giving private in the morning and general in the afternoon.

Afton and I checked in on the hospital servals, and upgraded ginger to a more efficient cage.

That’s all for me, it was a busy day! - Erin Carden

Very short on volunteers today but thanks to our interns and Sharon Henry, Sue Reed, Mazz Amirat, MaryLou Geis and Bonnie Farago for coming in and working so hard! - Sue Messineo

Photos by Devin Saari


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