Big Cat Briefing Aug 4 2019

2019 | 1:15 | ANIMALS |

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A great big thank you to the volunteers that came in today and worked so hard! Rich and Bethann, Becky, Barbara ann, Amanda, Kristen and Jeff. Rich was the feeding tour feeder, he fed and cleaned Big cats and handed out supplements. Bethann fed and cleaned big cat sections, Barbara Ann gave the feeding tour, cleaned big cats and did her weekly stick pick up. Kristen cleaned a small cat section by herself. Amanda fed front section small cats by herself, trained Jeff on cleaning small cats, helped with stick pick up and got an operant sign off. Becky Fed the rehab cats and cleaned the rehab sections and she took care of the 3 servals in the hospital, giving am and pm food and meds and changing out the bedding. She also did 6 loads of laundry. I fed big cats, gave the keeper tour, which was a lot of fun,helped Becky with the hospital cats in the pm and was keeper coordinator for the day. Another great day at BCR! - Sue Messineo

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