Big Cat Briefing Aug 5 2019

07:16 · 2019

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Sunday Funday!!

We were a little short on red shirts and partners today but the rest of the group stepped in for coverage. Deidra Ritchie was our red shirt rockstar and lead the cleaning of the smaller cats. She also did maintenance on the golf carts so we did not have any break down during the day.

Lynda Licht and Matt Ruszczyk lead the very full feeding and keeper tours.

Edith Parker Karma Hurworth Lisa Spencer-Novak and Regina Turgeon kept the gift shop and tours running smoothly. We had a lot of unexpected private tours walk in. Thank you Matt R and Sarah Copel for stepping in to take out the guests. They had a great time.

Rebecca Williams Brittany Mira Fred Pagan and Sarah C all took care of the big cats. Sarah noticed Sapphire had chewed her ball and it had to be removed. The ball was very heavy and Kathyrn Stapleton and Sarah had to use all their muscles to get it out. Girl power!!!

Thanks lynda and fred for covering some of my normal duties because i am currently injured. What a team!! - Jennifer Ruszczyk


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