Big Cat Briefing Christmas Eve & Day

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It was fun to be in on a weekday and on Christmas Eve no less. Lots of volunteers sacrificed their extra day off and holiday to help with the cats on both the keeper and the partner side. Good thing because we sold out for all tours throughout the day.

While Partners covered all tours this morning, interns Tanya and Elle were able to mow and weedeat Cameron and Zabu's open air section while they were "on vacation" next door in Priya's enclosure (she's in Vacation rotation). They scrubbed Cam's water bowl on his platform and removed the large enrichment too. Susana was able to get a cleaning signoff as well.

In the morning we moved Amanda tiger from the recovery hospital back to her enclosure. But the recent rains made the way to the safety gate quite "squishy" and the transport got stuck. Quick thinking led us to using a large 4" by 4" wood beam as a way to prop the transport up as others pushed. Never underestimate the power of 6 determined women to move 1400 lbs!! Amanda tiger was very well behaved throughout and she and Andre were very happy to be reunited.

Later in the morning it was decided to bring Max bobcat into the recovery hospital for some cage rest as his limping seemed worse. When we last checked on him, he was all curled up and snoozing on a Skip bed, so it seems to be working.

At 2pm we did a live DoDo and featured Andre & Priya tigers with large boxes. Andre really really REALLY loved his box while Priya was more interested in us...although she did eventually get 2 paws in.

Earlier today, Afton went around and put a lot of holiday enrichment out that our enrichment elves had been busy making. Pharoal serval got a little village that was so detailed! I went to get a closer look of it and him, and when I rode by later - it was totally destroyed. What fun!

With so few interns (only 3) and all of them needed for afternoon tours, I was worried about getting food prep, dishes, and cooler cleaning done. But BethAnn Bluder and Candy Couser jumped in to get us started before they had to head home to holiday parties and such. Newly yellow Amanda Fenwick also tackled dishes. But my real angel in yellow today was Alyssa Engiles who helped me finished all the diets, cleaned up and stayed for pm chores. This allowed me to help Kathryn with PM meds and feeding so all of it could get done before dark.

Thanks to all and Merry Christmas!!

Lynda Licht

We had a wonderful Christmas day today! I didn't get a picture of everyone, but thank you to Marie Schoubert, Cindy Kuharek, BethAnn Bluder, Rich Bluder, Megan Myers, Barbara Brooks, Bethany Smith, Matt Ruszczyk, MaryLou Geis, Tanya Chute, Elle, and Susana Zhong for all your help today!!
We managed to get the hospital recovery cage, the transport cage, and a squeeze cage cleaned thanks to Barbara Brooks.
All the feeding and cleaning were finished in time for all of us to get home for some time off Lauren Grant

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