Big Cat Briefing Dec 11

02:37 · 2019

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Today was a great day but cold! As much as the people didn't like it, the cats LOVED it!

Mary G, Pam, Mike S, Candy, Elle and Jen took out an ed tour mid morning of 60 people.

Steph C came in first thing to do supplements while karma did meds.

MC finished food prep before lunch. Tanya helped after cleaning and dylan double checked.

Mary Lou and Phyllis came in to help clean.

Sign offs were done for feeding, cleaning and enrichment.

MC and Candy spent time raking in the afternoon. Bridget and Karla went through front and center sections picking up sticks.

Candy stayed to help with PM supplement and snacks.

Bethann handed out cicles.

Picky cats ate well! Cameron almost 10lbs and hoover over 12lbs, eating full meals AM & PM.

Tours started off slow in the morning but we sent out two full tours in the afternoon. Plus an additional private tour at 3PM.

Thats it from me! Thank you everyone that came in today for a fantastic day, its always great to spend Monday's with you :) - Lauren Buckingham


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