Big Cat Briefing Dec 12

2018 | 1:28 | ANIMALS |

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It was so cold today we all thought we were going to turn into ice, but the cats loved it!

We had a good amount of volunteers come in today to help feed, clean, and do projects.

Megan Myers, Mazz, Dylan Lavigne, Susana Zhonga did an inventory of all of the meat and the chart on the computer has been updated.

Food-prep was done was before lunch thanks to Tanya Chute

We had three school group tours today and they were all very happy to see the cats!

Victoria DiGiacomo did the cicle cats and they were very happy to have their ice pops even in the cold weather!

Amanda went in for her procedure today, she had he ingrown claw removed and she is now in the recovery hospital waking up.

Tanya Chute, Amber Johnson, and Andrew Myers organized all of the hospital cages so it looks very nice now!

Dylan Lavigne, Tanya Chute, Andrew Myers, Elle, Amber Johnson, Victoria DiGiacomo, Megan Myers all raked in and around the front section.

Thanks everyone for their hard work today!

-Devin Saari

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