Big Cat Briefing Dec 16

02:18 · 2019

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What a rainy day, but we made it fun!! Thank you to everyone that answered my plea for help, although the group tour ended up canceling. All other tours made it out today despite the rain.

Cameron and Hoover weren’t to thrilled with all of the rain, so they decided to skip breakfast. Instead they ate a pretty good lunch and dinner.

Food prep got done before lunch, so it left time for Tanya and Mazz to rake in front of Hoover both behind the barricade and your path side.

A couple of people took classes, and lots of people got operant and enrichment sign offs.

Amanda is doing well and loves lounging in her hay.

We had two carts full of boxes that all were unpacked and put up. Lots of supplies and bins. - Afton Tasler

It was a wet one to start with but the rain slowed down and all of the cats were happy with full tummies and tours went out uninterrupted. Food prep was done in between tours, I actually got to do a couple of routes and thoughouly enjoyed it. All of the picky cats ate really well. The most fun today was watching the cougar Cubs and Kali and Keisha tigers as they wondered what Cameron lion was doing in the enclosure next to them. A big thank you to Bethany and Amanda for staying until the very end of the day to make cicles and help with chores. - Sue Messineo


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