Big Cat Briefing Dec 17

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Another Sunday Funday in the books. All day, the sun was doing its best to break through the clouds and we did occasionally see it. When it started to break in the afternoon, suddenly our 3pm tour numbers shot up and we ended the day with 3 afternoon tours.

Meanwhile throughout the day we had good times. We had the rare, seemingly unbelievable sight of Cameron Lion eating in lockout. Being in Priya's enclosure has brought out a new side of him and it's nice to see.

Jennifer R had a large keeper tour and captured some great enrichment moments with Seth Tiger and Smalls Bobcat, among others.

Brittany wore her new Go Pro she received to document what it's really like as a keeper. Looking forward to seeing those videos (she's already posted one today of Manny Jaguar reaching out his paws through his little den window. He's a sneaky boy for sure!)

There was a large party at the party house this afternoon and Carole, Howard, and Dennis (Denny) led tours of the sanctuary - so it was getting crowded out there...getting us ready for the upcoming holiday weeks. Red shirts Deidra, Candice, and Mai went out there this morning to make sure the patio table and chairs were clean after all the wet weather we've been having.

The work group from Auburn University has come down again and they started today with cleaning Max and Maryann's enclosure top to bottom while they are in Funcation. The enclosure is to be painted as well. Tanya and Mazz led this group today. The group will be here until Wednesday and I'm sure they'll get other projects completed before they leave.

Intern Susana cleaned out the cabinets in the Rat patio in anticipation of getting a new washer and dryer, so we consolidated supplies and removed unnecessary items so Jamie and Victor can get in there to build a platform and new shelves where the new appliances will go.

We discovered that Frosty Serval is keen on fish so that will be a good addition to his diet.

After being gone for 2 weeks it was nice to see the regular Sunday crew including Rebecca, Desmond. and Gale.

The party people were nice enough to leave their leftovers for the interns to take so that was our last stop of the day. I found it funny that Dylan has become Elle's taste tester of things for nuts. He was happy to oblige and sample all the sweets.

That's all for today.

For the cats,

Lynda Licht

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