Big Cat Briefing Dec 18

01:29 · 2019

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Great monday with lots of help.

MC finished food prep before lunch, with help later on from a few others.

Alyssa E got a feeding sign off first thing and then helped karma, in the gift shop, as she was short volunteers.

Feeding, cleaning, Operant and enrichment sign offs were done.

Bethann and Cindy did sicles.

Steph C and Elle worked with the auburn group, painting max and maryanns enclosure. It is mostly done but still needs touching up in some places, in particular over the pool and seems.

MC sharpened the feeding sticks and knives in food prep. She also made more epikitin capsules

Picky cats ate well.

Seth caught and killed an ibis.

Candy checked on voxes, ready for holiday tours next week.

Bethany and steph handed out enrichment to a number of cats. The cats were very happy!

Tanya cleaned up the golf cart batteries, replacing broken stands and tidying the wires.

Thats it from me! - Lauren Buckingham


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